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I have been busy, setting up a new website.

Also, since the last post, that book has indeed been published and hit the Best-Seller’s list in Amazon a few time. You can find both the Kindle and print versions here.

I also have taught a class on “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less, Without Stressing Yourself to Death.”

If you want to find out a little more about all three enterprises, please go to www.RandyCarneySpeaker.com.

Have a great day!

Finishing New Book Today

You Can Help with This Book

You Can Help with This Book

I am submitting files to my publisher, For Worthy Books, today for From Mountains to Molehills: Overcoming and Celebrating Your Differences in Marriage.

A Kindle version will also be coming soon.

Please be on the lookout for both.

This book contains several chapters that were added as result of a survey that was done this summer, so it is quite up-to-date and relevant.

Announcement coming soon.

You did help make the book title when you responded to the earlier survey.

Thanks for your help.


Here Is the Survey That Will Help the New Marriage Book–You Can Be a Part

As I mentioned earlier, I am writing a new book on marriage. This one will be about overcoming differences in marriage. I have much of the content written but I could add up to 50 more pages (as the book would appear in the print version–This will be a kindle version). You really could help make the book more current if you would be so kind as to fill out this short survey of only 9 questions. This is a picture of my good friends, Jon and Jenny Brown. Jon consented to endorse an earlier book, and I had the privilege of helping to perform their wedding ceremony a few years ago (well I guess it was a few–their oldest child just left for college).

Jon and Jenny Brown

Jon and Jenny Brown

I am sure they won’t mind my rebroadcast of this picture. They gave permission to use it to promote my writing and speaking activities.

I chose the picture because it looked like peace and harmony. I hope they haven’t just had a big fight :).

You can see Jon’s comments on another page on this website. Look for the “See What Others Are Saying” section

In this survey, you will again have the opportunity to give input on the title, and your answers will really shape the direction of the remainder of the book.

This is the same survey that appears as a link on Facebook, so if you have already filled it out there, I give you my thanks.

If you have not already done so, please take a few minutes here to help with finishing the book and to help marriages that are struggling, perhaps, to overcome their differences. You will also have the opportunity, if you wish, to tell how you overcame something in your marriage.

Here is the survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GVLMJ8M

Wouldn’t it be great to experience peace and harmony every day in your marriage? Doing so will bring about one of the keys to marital bliss.

Thanks in Advance for those who choose to help.

The last book hit the bestseller list several times on Amazon. Please help us to make this one a good one too.

You can get a copy of the last book, 21 Ways the Principle of Leaving Will Benefit Your Marriage, by clicking here.

Your Story In Print! Help Other Marriages

Imagine your story, not particularly too personal (unless you want it to be), helping young couples navigate their way through some rapids in their marriage.

You Can Help with This Book

You Can Help with This Book

Thank you all who took a look at my last book. I am writing a new one about overcoming differences in marriage. I would value your help. I will ask some questions here and do a survey in a day or two.
You might show up in the next book if you are willing for me to mention who some of the ideas came from.

Here is the first question (or set of questions): What would be a good title for the book? We have had one suggestion: “From Combat to Fireworks” has been suggested. We will also have a subtitle telling more specifically what the book will be about.
What do you think about that title? Do you have another suggestion or suggestions?



Bihoro Church Service

Are we in trouble? I had just said one sentence, and Rusty seemed to be giving a paragraph. That was what it was like at one point during the message. Some words just do not have a one-to-one correspondence. At least I am pretty sure that is the explanation.


Bihoro Church Service Bulletin

We had a great time at the church Service. As you can see if you look closely at the bulletin. The sermon was about steps to peace with God, and the main verse was I John 4:19.

The churches here usually have a meal following the morning service, and this one was no exception. People quickly took pity on me as I started to hold the chopsticks and gave me a fork. I was persistent, though, and made it without it!

Brenda and baby Katherine are coming home today, in about an hour. We are quite excited because that is almost a week and-a-half earlier than predicted.

The next post or so will be about writing the next book. You will even have a chance to help write part of it if you are so inclined!





Thompsonville First Baptist Church

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.30.21 AM

21 Ways Book on Great Food Table

21 Ways Book on Great Food Table






We had a great time at the Thompsonville First Baptist Church a couple of Fridays ago. I spoke on the topic of “Celebrating Seniorhood: Follow Your Dreams”. I also included the example of “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death.”

We laughed our way through the meeting.

Yusuke Nakayama from Hoddaido, Japan was visitng, and I drafted him to be our photographer. I thought he got a really creative shot above. I will share more of the photos from that event later.

If you live within driving distance of southern Illinois and would like to have a similar event, let me know.

Speaking of Hokkaido, Japan, I will be speaking at the Free Will Baptist Church in Bihoro, Hokkaido, this coming Sunday.


Provided by: Darryl E. from Foursquare

Provided by: Darryl E. from Foursquare

Just arrived at the Convention Center in Kansas City for the National Association of Free Will Baptists. Check out more at http://nafwb.org/. I think it will be a great week. An added bonus is that two of my grandsons are competing in the National Youth Conference.


I did bring some books and brochures.

Here is a screen shot from Amazon confirming the Best-seller status:

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.30.21 AM


The print is small but it does mention the bestselling books, and it listed the “21 Ways” Kindle book.

It is still at $3.99 through midnight tonight. Then it will settle down at $4.99 for a while.

Get it here if you want to beat the deadline.

Hurry! Time is Running Out

Time Running OUt


You can still get the best-selling ebook, 21 Ways the Principle of Leaving Will Benefit Your Marriage, for only $2.99. The price is guaranteed only through midnight tonight. Sometime early tomorrow, it will raise to $3.99.

Click Here to get it now.

If you follow these principles:

  • You will improve your relationships with you in-laws
  • You will remove much resentment from your marriage
  • You will be happier about yourself
  • You will help you spouse to feel secure in your marriage

among other things.

If you would like to have a free copy in exchange for an honest review of the book, go to the author’s Facebook fan page and send a private message indicating your inScreen Shot 2016-07-10 at 9.20.23 PMterest in this. This offer is available for a limited time only too.


Your path to greater marriage happiness is here.

Discounted Price

21 ways cover largerHelllo, Everyone,

21 Ways the Principle of Leaving Will Benefit Your Marriage (Kindle Version) is available at $2.99 through the rest of this week.

Why would you want this book? It is really about keeping your marriage together.

You can get it right here.

What?!! You want me to leave??? I thought this was a book about marriage, not divorce!

Don’t get too excited because you are exactly right. I am not talking about your leaving each other, but I am talking about something that, if it is neglected, can quickly destroy your marriage.

For any marriage to be successful, there must seriously be some leaving going on.

If you do not implement this principle, you will experience great frustration in your marriage. If you do not implement this principle, you may see your children grow up to be involved in some quite unhappy marriages. If you and your husband or wife do not implement this principle, you may find yourself despising your in-laws. If you do not implement this principle, you may spend your life putting yourself down. Furthermore, if you do not implement this principle, you may find resentment of your spouse growing so deeply within you that you may never experience the wonderful closeness that God intends for a husband and wife to experience.

The shocking truth is …

If you want your marriage to be successful,

you will have to …


Let the principle of leaving work its magic in your marriage.

How to Save Your Marriage by Following the Principle of Leaving

Why You Should Apply this Shocking Key to Marital Bliss
Learn how to leave behind much of your past as you enter into this new aspect of life. You indeed have a chance to make all things new. Doing this in cooperation with your husband or wife will put both of your lives on the path to a grand adventure.

Following the Principle of Leaving Will Help You Deal with Many Major Marital Issues

You will learn to quit comparing your husband or wife to past relationships. Some marital issues are so common sometimes they become material for jokes. For instance, the husband may compare his wife’s cooking to his mother’s cooking, and comment on it.

Following this Principle Can Provide Much in the Way of Marriage Help

Some ancient wisdom describes three areas where a marriage may have problems: leaving, cleaving, or becoming one flesh. Failure to leave father and mother, both physically and mentally, can be a source of great problems in marriage. The mental leaving is one aspect that can provide a quick avenue to marriage help.

Click Here to get your copy.

Following the Extreme Version of this Principle Can Lead a Couple to Marriage Restoration

While this book is not primarily about a couple actually leaving each other, there can come times where leaving or the threat of leaving will actually wake the spouse up to the seriousness of their situation.

While the Title Makes it Sound Like a Couple Taking a Step Toward Divorce, The Principle of Leaving is Really Aimed at Preventing Divorce

Preventing divorce is the uppermost goal of this book. Even if the extreme version of the principle where one partner actually threatens to leave, or maybe even actually leaves on a temporary basis, is carried out, that is not really meant to be a step toward divorce, but rather a step toward restoration.

A “Forgiveness Marriage” Is a Happy Marriage

One of the important principles in the book is about leaving your “baggage” behind. That may come in the area of having to forgive your spouse for some past actions, or it may come in the area of the need for you to forgive yourself for past action. When leaving leads to forgiveness, marriage is strengthened.

Click Here to get a copy before it goes up on Monday.

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Dr. Randy Carney is an author, speaker, and life coach.
Many audiences say, “Wow! That was just like me.” Listeners identify with the ups and downs of life. They like laughing at speakers who remind them of themselves, and they get inspired to persevere when they have hope that they will see “things look up.”
Randy’s life experiences as a bi-vocational minister and educator, as well as being an author and inspirational speaker, help him to connect with all types of audiences. These books are built around six habits for highly effective marriages.

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