What to Do When One of You Has Had an Affair!

Would You Like to Know What to Do When

Your Spouse Has Had an Affair?

Does it Seem Like Your World Is Falling Apart?

Or, Are You Laden with Guilt Because

You Are the One Who Had the Affair?


I am Randy Carney, and I’m so glad that you took time to invest in yourself by checking out my website. When an investment of time such as this results in a restored marriage–perhaps one that ended up better than it was previously–then there is hardly a price that could be put upon it.

My main expertise is as an inspirational speaker. As such, I motivate couples to enrich their marriages. Actually, I function more as a coach, many times, than as a counselor. Some of my most requested topics are the “Six Keys to Marital Bliss,” and “How to Have a Marriage of Champions.” While I have worked with couples who have had problem marriages in the past, I also often partner with others who have had even more experience in dealing with certain situations.

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