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21 Ways Book on Great Food Table

21 Ways Book on Great Food Table






We had a great time at the Thompsonville First Baptist Church a couple of Fridays ago. I spoke on the topic of “Celebrating Seniorhood: Follow Your Dreams”. I also included the example of “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death.”

We laughed our way through the meeting.

Yusuke Nakayama from Hoddaido, Japan was visitng, and I drafted him to be our photographer. I thought he got a really creative shot above. I will share more of the photos from that event later.

If you live within driving distance of southern Illinois and would like to have a similar event, let me know.

Speaking of Hokkaido, Japan, I will be speaking at the Free Will Baptist Church in Bihoro, Hokkaido, this coming Sunday.

Summer Discounts

As I said in a post below, I am now serving as the Dean of Academic Affairs for Morthland College. That limited my speaking availability some.

However, I am happy to announce that I will be more available during June and July. I do have three classes I am teaching this summer, but they are all in an online format. The classes are New Testament Survey, Old Testament Survey, and Bible Doctrines. They run for eight weeks, beginning June 3. Those of you who interested in this option, please go to Those wishing to register should contact Mrs. Cathie Mieldezis.

What this means for you is that it is much easier for me to arrange my schedule to accept speaking engagements for the summer.

So, those who wish to have a marriage seminar in their church or who would like to have a keynote speaker for an event, may go to the Request Randy tab for more information.

So, what about the discounts?

You will notice on the “speaking fees” page all inclusive quotes for speaking fees. Those quotes include us paying expenses for the event.

Those rates for 2013 are:

United States & Canada………….$4,500 USD *
International……………………….$9,500 USD *

* This speaking fee is inclusive of airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food and all other miscellaneous expenses. This fee also includes pre-speech interviews so Randy can customize his presentation to meet your goals and objectives of your meeting. Additional savings are available if you select his “Pre-Pay Option.” Ask for more details on this option. Even more savings can be arranged if you have an event that is a fundraiser for a ministry.

Here are three options for discounts for which you may qualify.

Option # 1

See how many of the following things you can help us with or agree to provide. Those discounts then add up to bring the fee within your budget.

1. One-half Pay in advance to secure date $     250.00
2. Recommendation on Letterhead $     250.00
3. Two Referrals $     250.00
4. Book Airline, One or Two nights lodging, and one to three days of meals
(Depends on location-may prepay for mileage if in driving distance)
$     750.00
5. Arrange for Second Event on Same Contract $     250.00
6. Franklin County (IL) and Adjacent Counties $     250.00
7. Prepurchase of 50 Books $     750.00
8. 100 pre-registered attendees $     500.00
9. Illinois and Adjacent States $     250.00
10. Allow Back of Room Continuing Education Opportunities $     250.00
11. Non Profit $     250.00

(12. Further discounts may be available in exchange for additional services that you may be able to provide.)

Once you have arrived at an estimate based upon the above, please call 618-218-4271 (voice mail) or email at to finalize the arrangements. When you email, please put “speaking” in the subject line to expedite communication. You can also send me a message through my profile at the Speakermatch speakers bureau. (You will notice that this page assumes you will be able to receive some of the discounts mentioned here.)

Option # 2

Host a fundraiser for a local cause of your own.

We will split the proceeds from the event above the expenses, and a further 10% of proceeds from investments in continuing education materials will also go to your cause. (In some cases, all or part of the proceeds that go to our portion will be donated to the One Million for Missions project that my wife are working on.)

Option # 3

Send payment in full when you secure the date, and I will work within your budget, whatever it is, as long as required minimums (travel expenses and modest per diems) are met. Again, please contact us to see what we can work out.

While this website focuses primarily on our marriage ministry, the same arrangements can be made for colleges and schools for my topics dealing with leadership and maximizing life potential.

Have a great summer. It would be my privilege to serve you. (In some cases, weekends, my wife can join me for your event.)



“Kinda’ Busy,” But Still Available

Dear Friends,

I have been serving as the Department Chair for Biblical Studies at Morthland College. Recently, I was also appointed as the Academic Dean.

I will be teaching two courses this fall for the college as well as being engaged in administrative duties.

What does that mean for marriage seminars? I will be able to accept speaking engagements in the evenings in the local southern Illinois area. I will also continue to be available especially on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and in some cases on Sundays for speaking engagements. For a marriage seminar, I will be able to conduct those on the weekends in this schedule too. A marriage seminar that includes my wife can be arranged on the weekends too, but perhaps, on an even more limited basis.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us about availability. You will notice my regular speaking fee on another page on this website. Please notice that I have a desire to be able to work within your budget. I can do so with a discounted rate in return for some additional agreements on your part.

I just wanted to let you know about continued availability for speaking engagements. I will update the calendar page in the near future.


Dr. Randy Carney
Dean of Academic Affairs
Department Chair, Biblical Studies
Morthland College

Community Education Courses at Morthland College

Click Here for a PDF file of the Morthland College Spring 2012 Community Education Courses Taught by Dr. Randy Carney

(If your computer hangs up after clicking the pdf link above, just erase the words after “” in the address bar and refresh the page.)

This is information about three community education courses that will be taught at Morthland College in March and May. Two of them are about book publishing, which is slightly off-topic for this website. Still, some of you, or someone you know, might be interested. The third one is the One-Day Couples-Enrichment Seminar. You can also find out about it in the post right below this one.

Here is some from the Morthland brochure:

Community Eduction Brochure Page 1 top

Community Eduction Brochure Page 1 top

Community Education Page Two Top

Community Education Page Two Top

Community Education Page Two Bottom

Community Education Page Two Bottom

Community Education Page Three Top

Community Education Page Three Bottom

Community Education Page Three

Community Education Page Four Top

Community Education Page Four Bottom

Community Education Page Four

Community Education Page Five Top

Community Education Page Five Bottom

Community Education Page Five

Community Education Page Six Top

Community Education Page Six Bottom

Community Education Page Six

Though it is not mentioned in this brochure, we have a special treat in that Rhonda will be joining me in presenting the couples-enrichment seminar.

It would be my great privilege to be with you during any or all of these courses.

Please pass the word along.

Books Available at Morthland College

You can invest in The LOVING Way to a Successful Marriage: Six Keys to Marital Bliss at Morthland College. Remember that you will also get a “two for one” coupon that will enable you to enroll in the Community Education Class, Making Your Marriage Sizzle–God’s Way! and bring one other person at no extra charge. Go by the administrative offices at 210 West Main St. in West Frankfort, IL, and pick up your copy today.

Tweak a Great Marriage to Make it Even Better

This is a great fun class for married couples who want to tweak their marriages and make them even better. That is the target audience, but you will notice in the comments on the website that some with serious marital issues have taken the principles that are presented in the above mentioned book and course and have restored their failing marriages.

Making Your Marriage Sizzle – God’s Way!

What Do ABC’s Secret Millionaire

And Morthland College

Have in Common?

ABC's Secret Millionaire Holding Randy's Book

Morthland College Crest

















James Malinchak, featured on ABC’s Secret ……………………………Morthland College
****Millionaire, holding Randy’s Book                                         Southern Illinois’ Newest College


Answer: They Both Endorse Dr. Randy Carney’s Marriage Seminars!


Morthland College is offering the Community Education Course, Making Your Marriage Sizzle—God’s Way! Thursday Evenings, Oct 27, Nov 3, 10, 17, Dec 1, 8 (No Classes Thanksgiving week)

For more information and to enroll, please call the school office at 618-937-2127
or send an email to

Two for One SpecialGet a coupon that allows you to bring your husband or wife at no additional tuition charge. Buy The Loving Way to a Successful Marriage at the Handfuls on Purpose Christian Bookstore (or at the college) and Receive a coupon to attend the Morthland community education class on marriage for $60.00 per couple instead of $120 per couple at the standard tuition rate.

Here is Morthland’s Description of Community Education:

Community Education Courses provide an opportunity for the community to learn on a variety of topics. Most of the instructors come from our faculty, local ministers, or community educators. Each instructor has committed to Morthland College’s founding principles: Tradition, Heritage, Wisdom, and Christ. Classes will meet at the Administration Offices at 210 E. Main Street, West Frankfort, Illinois.

All Fall 2011 courses cost $60.00 per person and can be payable by cash, check or credit card. Scholarships are available to senior adults (65+): Seniors may either receive ONE FREE Community Education Course per semester, or HALF OFF for every course per semester. To register, please call 618-937-2127, or click here to register online.

Morthland College is an authorized provider of Continuing Professional Development Units. Community Education Courses approved for CPDUs are marked with the asterisk (*).

Thursday Evenings, Oct 27, Nov 3, 10, 17, Dec 1, 8 (No Classes Thanksgiving week)

REL C110 –Making Your Marriage Sizzle – God’s Way!, R Carney, DMin (6:30-7:30 PM)

The LOVING Way to a Successful Marriage: Six Keys to Marital Bliss is suitable for marriages in various stages – anywhere from Newlyweds to Marriage Veterans. In this course, you will discover how to: Improve your relationship with your spouse, children and in-laws; turn your negative differences into positive connections; improve your communication skills; delight yourself with physical and spiritual intimacy; discover and meet each other’s greatest needs; and see that a seeming contradiction can benefit you many times over.

Here is what James Malinchak has to say about Randy’s book and his marriage seminars:

“The information on personality and how men and women think in The LOVING Way to a Successful Marriage: Six Keys to Marital Bliss is worth the investment in the book many times over.”
–James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”

It would be great if we could spend these six evenings together. Even though we might talk about some “heavy” topics, we have a lot of fun during these sessions.

Don’t Just Be In the Marriage Game. Go for the Championship!

The Balanced Cans Represent the Need for Balance across Six Crucial Areas of Marriage.

The Balanced Cans and the Need for Balance in Marriage

We had a great time at the recent marriage seminar at Thompsonville First Baptist Church in Thompsonville, Illinois.

One the things we stressed is that there is a need to be at least somewhat successful in each of six crucial areas of marriage.

In fact, the more you can be balanced across all of those areas, the greater degree of success you are likely to have in your marriage.



Pastor John Robinson

Pastor John Robinson Was a Great Host

Pastor John Robinson did a great job of hosting the event. He did more than double duty with many of the tasks he performed.

Also, Tracy Clem served us well by implementing some of the technical aspects of sound and PowerPoint.

Bro. John even did much of the preparation for the delicious meal that the couples enjoyed before getting into the actual content of the meeting.



Holding my trusty back pack, I was going to convert Rhonda to a love of camping

Holding His Trusty Back Pack, Randy Was on a Mission to Convert Rhonda to a Love of Camping!

Randy told his infamous story about a hilarious camping trip that he took his family on, in which his mission was to convert his wife to a love of camping.

Many parallels can be drawn to requirements for a successful marriage from the joys and perils of camping trips.

In fact, each of the six keys to marital bliss find their presentation in an analogy to different aspects of the camping experience.

Men, what do you and Michael Jordan have in common?

Moving Into Some More Light-Hearted Moments, Randy Asked, "Men, What Do You and Michael Jordan Have in Common?"

Here is our free-throw shooter from the audience.

Here Is Our Free-Throw Shooter from the Audience




Rhonda, the captain of our cheer-leading team lead us all in a rousing cheer.

Rhonda, Our Cheerleader Captain, Led Us All in a Rousing Cheer


Watch out! No one knew when the ball would be thrown to them.

Watch Out! No One in the Audience Knew When the Ball Would Be Thrown to Them, But It Sure Did Help Keep Them on Their Toes!

.He played the part of the backboard.

His Wife Looked on with Admiration and Fear as He Played the Part of the Backboard. (He was allowed to catch the ball, though, if it came toward his face!).


Yea! He Made the Free Throw.

Yea! He Made the Free Throw.









Randy and Rhonda Waiting to Go on Stage Again

Randy and Rhonda, Waiting to Go on Stage Again for the Closing Session

Aside from the men finding out what they and Michael Jordan had in common, the ladies found out that they had that trait also.

We had a couple of practical breakout sessions with some serious moments too, but for much of the evening, we could have our light-hearted moments–even as we looked at some serious topics.

We would love to have you come and join us at an event like this when we are in your area.


Marriage Seminar in Del Rio, TX

We are excited about the upcoming marriage-enrichment seminar at First Baptist Church in Del Rio, TX

Del Rio Sign Up Form

Click Here for Sign-up Form

If you will be in the Del Rio area on June 4, we invite you to come and see us. Please note that Rhonda will not be accompanying me (Randy) on this trip, but it will be a great time anyway.

Please notice that I will be talking about: “Don’t Just Be In the Marriage Game–Go for the Championship,” “How to Break the “Crazy Cycle!” and “Six Keys to Marital Bliss.” We have a lot of fun during this evening even while we deal with some serious topics. See the comments in the previous blog post to see what others said about a very similar event to this one.

Here is the link to to get to the sign up form and for more information:

About a year-and-a-half ago, I went on a mission trip with the Many Hands of Christ ministry to Acuña, Mexico, and was introduced to Pastor Jeff Johnson, who was very gracious to the team. At that time, I had just finished the book, The LOVING Way to a Successful Marriage: Six Keys to Marital Bliss. That evening he invited me to come and speak to his congregation the next time Many Hands of Christ would be in the area! That is now in the making.

We hope you can come and visit us (the mission team) on that evening.