A Great Time!

We had a wonderful time at the marriage and couples’ relationship seminar at Thompsonville First Baptist Church last weekend.

Randy and Rhonda Carney Will be Speaking at the Marriage Seminar at Thompsonville First Baptist Church

Randy and Rhonda Carney

Pastor John Robinson did a wonderful job of being our host for the evening, and Tracy Clem helped with the sound, PowerPoint and other technical details. We also appreciate Rusty Carney being our photographer, and we hope to post some of those pictures here soon.

How did it go? Well, Rhonda and I had a good time, and that is always a good sign.

Here are comments made about the event:

“This was a great program! I loved the scale for the 10 items important in a marriage. I am excited to meet the needs with my husband. Thanks for showing us a great relationship.”

“I like how easy and relaxed the session was and no pressure.”

“Enjoyed it very much. Appreciate the example of the Carney marriage.”

“Men’s breakout session was excellent. Questions and discussion in breakout sessions could be interesting.”


When asked about the best ideas the participants received and planned to use, we were told the following:

“Do what you need to do in your marriage for God.”

“Taking more initiative to go out of my way to meet more of his need and be more thoughtful and complimenary.”

“Tips on how to meed the need for affection.”

“The Energizing Cycle!”

“Don’t ‘stonewall.'”

“Breakout session”

“To encourage my husband daily.”

“Act and react motivation”

So, you can see that we had a good time. We are looking at combining events like these with our fundraising option. (We will put up a page about that on this website soon.)

If you would like to book Randy for your event (any area), click on “Request Randy” above. If you would like to have both of us (mostly local area only), mention that in the comment box when you go to the request page.

Marriage Seminar in Two Days!

Randy and Rhonda Carney Will be Speaking at the Marriage Seminar at Thompsonville First Baptist Church

Randy and Rhonda Carney

Rhonda and I have the great privilege of putting on a marriage-enrichment seminar (engaged couples are welcome too 🙂 ) at the First Baptist Church of Thompsonville, Illinois.

Rhonda is actually speaking twice that day. During the noon hour, she will be speaking to a group of ladies at Rescue Free Will Baptist Church in Ewing, IL. She was asked to speak about what it is like to be parents of missionaries. Our son, Rusty, his wife, Brenda, and our four-year-old granddaughter, Grace, are missionaries in Hokkaido, Japan. They are home here in the States for a few months. For my part, the distance is sometimes hard, but we would rather have them in the will of God than to be physically close and not in His will.

Then, in the middle of the afternoon, we are going to a celebration of years of ministry for our good friends, Jerry and Emma Herring. You could sort of say that Jerry is retiring, although he is still pastoring a church in Cypress, IL.

Then at 6:00 that evening, we go to the Marriage seminar. We begin with a meal. Then we have a general session where I am the keynote speaker. Following a short break, we go into breakout sessions. I am with the husbands for that, and Rhonda is with the wives. Following another short break, we will have the closing general session with both Rhonda and me.

We are looking to a fun evening with a lot of light-hearted moments as we deal with a sometimes heavy subject. Some of the things we will be discussing are:

  • Don’t Just Be In the Marriage Game — Go for the Championship!
  • Men, What Do You and Michael Jordan Have in Common?
  • How to Break the “Crazy Cycle”
  • Leadership Lessons Learned from Jesus
  • Two of Your Husband’s Greatest Needs
  • How to Get Your Husband to Talk to You
  • How to Help Your Wife Feel Your Love

Some attended this seminar last year, and at that time, I gave an overview of the six keys to marital bliss. There is so much in that book, that less than ten percent of the material we cover this time will be a repeat of last year’s content.

We are looking forward to the evening very much, and we pray that everyone will come away with several, but at least one, good idea(s) that will benefit his or her marriage in a great way.

The church has informed me that they will be able to continue accepting new registrations today and tomorrow, so here is a link for information about it: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=100227836732299.