Bihoro Church Service

Are we in trouble? I had just said one sentence, and Rusty seemed to be giving a paragraph. That was what it was like at one point during the message. Some words just do not have a one-to-one correspondence. At least I am pretty sure that is the explanation.


Bihoro Church Service Bulletin

We had a great time at the church Service. As you can see if you look closely at the bulletin. The sermon was about steps to peace with God, and the main verse was I John 4:19.

The churches here usually have a meal following the morning service, and this one was no exception. People quickly took pity on me as I started to hold the chopsticks and gave me a fork. I was persistent, though, and made it without it!

Brenda and baby Katherine are coming home today, in about an hour. We are quite excited because that is almost a week and-a-half earlier than predicted.

The next post or so will be about writing the next book. You will even have a chance to help write part of it if you are so inclined!





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