Catching up with a Friend

It is always good to catch up with old friends, isn’t it.

I just talked with Bruce Droit, a friend all the way back to childhood.

Arnett's Country Store

How does this relate to this website? I guess the best answer is that you want your mate to be your best friend. Friends in general remind you of that.

Bruce and his wife Stacy run Arnett’s Country Store south of West Frankfort, IL. If you would like to check out their website you could go to They have many wonderful craft and decorative items that you might like to look at.

How does that relate to marriage? You want your marriage to be a thing of beauty, don’t you?

Check out The LOVING Way to a Successful Marriage if you would like to make your marriage more beautiful than it already is, and while you are at it, you might want to mosey over to Bruce and Stacee’s website too.

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