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What?!! You want me to leave??? I thought this was a book about marriage, not divorce!

Don’t get too excited because you are exactly right. I am not talking about your leaving each other, but I am talking about something that, if it is neglected, can quickly destroy your marriage.

For any marriage to be successful, there must seriously be some leaving going on.

If you do not implement this principle, you will experience great frustration in your marriage. If you do not implement this principle, you may see your children grow up to be involved in some quite unhappy marriages. If you and your husband or wife do not implement this principle, you may find yourself despising your in-laws. If you do not implement this principle, you may spend your life putting yourself down. Furthermore, if you do not implement this principle, you may find resentment of your spouse growing so deeply within you that you may never experience the wonderful closeness that God intends for a husband and wife to experience.

The shocking truth is …

If you want your marriage to be successful,

you will have to …


Let the principle of leaving work its magic in your marriage.

How to Save Your Marriage by Following the Principle of Leaving

Why You Should Apply this Shocking Key to Marital Bliss
Learn how to leave behind much of your past as you enter into this new aspect of life. You indeed have a chance to make all things new. Doing this in cooperation with your husband or wife will put both of your lives on the path to a grand adventure.

Following the Principle of Leaving Will Help You Deal with Many Major Marital Issues

You will learn to quit comparing your husband or wife to past relationships. Some marital issues are so common sometimes they become material for jokes. For instance, the husband may compare his wife’s cooking to his mother’s cooking, and comment on it.

Following this Principle Can Provide Much in the Way of Marriage Help

Some ancient wisdom describes three areas where a marriage may have problems: leaving, cleaving, or becoming one flesh. Failure to leave father and mother, both physically and mentally, can be a source of great problems in marriage. The mental leaving is one aspect that can provide a quick avenue to marriage help.

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Following the Extreme Version of this Principle Can Lead a Couple to Marriage Restoration

While this book is not primarily about a couple actually leaving each other, there can come times where leaving or the threat of leaving will actually wake the spouse up to the seriousness of their situation.

While the Title Makes it Sound Like a Couple Taking a Step Toward Divorce, The Principle of Leaving is Really Aimed at Preventing Divorce

Preventing divorce is the uppermost goal of this book. Even if the extreme version of the principle where one partner actually threatens to leave, or maybe even actually leaves on a temporary basis, is carried out, that is not really meant to be a step toward divorce, but rather a step toward restoration.

A “Forgiveness Marriage” Is a Happy Marriage

One of the important principles in the book is about leaving your “baggage” behind. That may come in the area of having to forgive your spouse for some past actions, or it may come in the area of the need for you to forgive yourself for past action. When leaving leads to forgiveness, marriage is strengthened.

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About The Author
Dr. Randy Carney is an author, speaker, and life coach.
Many audiences say, “Wow! That was just like me.” Listeners identify with the ups and downs of life. They like laughing at speakers who remind them of themselves, and they get inspired to persevere when they have hope that they will see “things look up.”
Randy’s life experiences as a bi-vocational minister and educator, as well as being an author and inspirational speaker, help him to connect with all types of audiences. These books are built around six habits for highly effective marriages.

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