How to Tell If Your Wife Loves You

Be Reassured – Seven Great Signs That Your Wife May Be Crazy About You

is your wife crazy about you?  It would be wonderful to think that that is the case.  Sometimes changes take place in marriage, and sometimes those changes raise questions in our minds.  Sometimes there is a natural cooling off after you have been married for a while.  That, however does not mean, necessarily, that either your love for your wife or your wife’s love for you has diminished.

Your wife may also have questions about whether you really love her too.

How to tell if your wife loves you may be a question on your mind if you have been married for a while. Marriage requires a lot of adjustments. Sometimes those adjustments come easily. Sometimes they are hard to make. Then marriages go through stages. When you come to a new stage, you may begin to question things. You may, at times, ask, “Does my wife love me?” Finding your wife not in love with you would be devastating. After all, if your wife isn’t in love with you, why would you want to continue being married?

If you find your wife’s love for you has cooled off, and you still love her, you will want to find ways to rekindle her love for you so you can get back together.

Positive answers to these seven prominent questions can not only reassure you that your wife does love you. They may also indicate that she is really crazy about you.

Is You Wife Interested in What You Have To Say?

When you come home from work and began to tell her about your day, does she seem interested in what you have to say?  Take notice when you have conversations with her.  If she genuinely seems interested in what you’re saying, that is a good sign.  If she seems distracted and hardly pays attention to you, that can be a negative sign. So, when you wonder, “Does my wife love me?” ask if she is interested in what you have to say.

Does Your Wife Want to Spend Time with You?

Along with observing whether or not she is interested in what you have to say, you can also observe whether or not she wants to spend time with you.  If she seems to be finding more and more excuses to spend less and less time with you, that is not good.  If your wife isn’t in love with you, she will not like to be with you. However, if she really wants to spend time with you, that can be a sign of her love for you.

Does Your Wife Consult You about Major Decisions in Her Life?

If she consults with you when she gets ready to make a major decision in her life, that shows her love for you.  She will naturally be drawn to the one she is close to in order to gain such important and good advice.  If she seldom seems to care what you think, that is a bad sign. One of the signs of finding your wife not in love with you would be her avoiding you when she makes major decisions.

Does Your Wife Continue to Be Interested in Physical Intimacy with You?

Does she continue to be interested in physical intimacy with you?  This sign may be a little harder to discern.  Someone has said that women are like electric stoves and men are like microwaves. Generally speaking, men are quickly ready for physical intimacy, however, generally speaking, women are more like electric stoves.  It takes a while for them to warm up.  As you may know, there can be many things that will dampen a woman’s desire in this area.  Still, you know your wife better than anyone else.  Has there been a change in this area? 

Does Your Wife Express Admiration for You?

Finally, do you feel respected when you are around your wife?  She may not know how really important this is to you.  Without meaning to, a wife who really loves her husband can slip into taking him for granted.  However, if your wife does not love you, it is very likely that she will not show any admiration for you. If your wife often expresses her admiration for you, that will be one of the waysfor you to know how to tell if your wife loves you.

Is You Wife Concerned About Meeting Your Needs?

If your wife is concerned about your needs and often puts them ahead of her needs, you can be assured that this is a sign of her love for you. If she has little concern for your needs, that, of course may be a negative sign.  However, if she is very concerned about your needs, she may not only love you.  She may be crazy about you.

Does Your Wife Help Even Out the Give and Take?

There should be some give and take in every marriage.  However, it shoul not be lopsided, where one has to do all the giving and the other one has to take everything.  If your wife understands this and seems to be fair and cooperative, this can be a sign of her love for you.

“Yes answers” to these seven questions can reassure you when you want to know how to tell if your wife loves you. Take courage if most of those answers are “yes.”

If the answers to your questions were “no,” you may need to visit our “Get Back Together” page.

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  1. niko nitro says:

    i know my wife loves me. BUT shes embarrassed of my adhd . people with adhd speak louder than most and sometimes blurt out things without thinking. I retired from my old job and collect a pent ion check. I wanted to make more money for the family so she got me a job. i worked hard never took off and never came in late . and at the end of the 2nd month i was fired by her boss. she has worked with him for 27 years and she told me that he said i wasent the right fit. and she knows nothing else. but she works in personal belt. I feel she was imbarassed of me and had me fired. this has caused so much damage to our mar age. her boss gave a employe back his job after he was caught with 25lbs of pot and he fired me because i wasn’t a good fit…. what do you think?

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