Summer Discounts

As I said in a post below, I am now serving as the Dean of Academic Affairs for Morthland College. That limited my speaking availability some.

However, I am happy to announce that I will be more available during June and July. I do have three classes I am teaching this summer, but they are all in an online format. The classes are New Testament Survey, Old Testament Survey, and Bible Doctrines. They run for eight weeks, beginning June 3. Those of you who interested in this option, please go to Those wishing to register should contact Mrs. Cathie Mieldezis.

What this means for you is that it is much easier for me to arrange my schedule to accept speaking engagements for the summer.

So, those who wish to have a marriage seminar in their church or who would like to have a keynote speaker for an event, may go to the Request Randy tab for more information.

So, what about the discounts?

You will notice on the “speaking fees” page all inclusive quotes for speaking fees. Those quotes include us paying expenses for the event.

Those rates for 2013 are:

United States & Canada………….$4,500 USD *
International……………………….$9,500 USD *

* This speaking fee is inclusive of airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food and all other miscellaneous expenses. This fee also includes pre-speech interviews so Randy can customize his presentation to meet your goals and objectives of your meeting. Additional savings are available if you select his “Pre-Pay Option.” Ask for more details on this option. Even more savings can be arranged if you have an event that is a fundraiser for a ministry.

Here are three options for discounts for which you may qualify.

Option # 1

See how many of the following things you can help us with or agree to provide. Those discounts then add up to bring the fee within your budget.

1. One-half Pay in advance to secure date $     250.00
2. Recommendation on Letterhead $     250.00
3. Two Referrals $     250.00
4. Book Airline, One or Two nights lodging, and one to three days of meals
(Depends on location-may prepay for mileage if in driving distance)
$     750.00
5. Arrange for Second Event on Same Contract $     250.00
6. Franklin County (IL) and Adjacent Counties $     250.00
7. Prepurchase of 50 Books $     750.00
8. 100 pre-registered attendees $     500.00
9. Illinois and Adjacent States $     250.00
10. Allow Back of Room Continuing Education Opportunities $     250.00
11. Non Profit $     250.00

(12. Further discounts may be available in exchange for additional services that you may be able to provide.)

Once you have arrived at an estimate based upon the above, please call 618-218-4271 (voice mail) or email at to finalize the arrangements. When you email, please put “speaking” in the subject line to expedite communication. You can also send me a message through my profile at the Speakermatch speakers bureau. (You will notice that this page assumes you will be able to receive some of the discounts mentioned here.)

Option # 2

Host a fundraiser for a local cause of your own.

We will split the proceeds from the event above the expenses, and a further 10% of proceeds from investments in continuing education materials will also go to your cause. (In some cases, all or part of the proceeds that go to our portion will be donated to the One Million for Missions project that my wife are working on.)

Option # 3

Send payment in full when you secure the date, and I will work within your budget, whatever it is, as long as required minimums (travel expenses and modest per diems) are met. Again, please contact us to see what we can work out.

While this website focuses primarily on our marriage ministry, the same arrangements can be made for colleges and schools for my topics dealing with leadership and maximizing life potential.

Have a great summer. It would be my privilege to serve you. (In some cases, weekends, my wife can join me for your event.)



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