Three Basic Questions

In the pages of The LOVING Way to a Successful MARRIAGE, I often make mention of the fact that one of our major commitments in a marriage is simply to commitment to overcome. We have many things to overcome. We have different backgrounds. We may have different temperaments. We have basic differences even in the process of how men and women think.

Six Keys to Marital Bliss

The LOVING Way to a Successful Marriage: Six Keys to Marital Bliss

One of the most significant differences, however, comes about in relation to how we respond to the “love and respect” cycle (sometimes called the “crazy cycle” 🙂 ). This tension is illustrated extremely well by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs’ book, Love and Respect. I just recently read an article of his that boils our tensions in marriage down the three central questions and our responses.Love and Respect

You might want to check out the article at

For additional help in dealing with such a crazy cycle as listed above, look at the closing three chapters of The LOVING Way to a Successful Marriage: Six Keys to Marital Bliss.

May the Lord help each of us as we attempt to live out the principle of “overcoming” in our marriages. It’s really good when that process actually turns out to be fun!

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