Your Story In Print! Help Other Marriages

Imagine your story, not particularly too personal (unless you want it to be), helping young couples navigate their way through some rapids in their marriage.

You Can Help with This Book

You Can Help with This Book

Thank you all who took a look at my last book. I am writing a new one about overcoming differences in marriage. I would value your help. I will ask some questions here and do a survey in a day or two.
You might show up in the next book if you are willing for me to mention who some of the ideas came from.

Here is the first question (or set of questions): What would be a good title for the book? We have had one suggestion: “From Combat to Fireworks” has been suggested. We will also have a subtitle telling more specifically what the book will be about.
What do you think about that title? Do you have another suggestion or suggestions?



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  1. admin says:

    Let me know your thoughts on a title.

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