Husband Doesn’t Want Physical Intimacy

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You may be quite perplexed. After all you hear statements like, “All you have to do for your husband to be ready for sex is show up!” Yet in your case, your husband does not seem to be interested at all. What can you do?


In fact, you may wonder about other things too, like:

  Does he still love me?
  Why isn’t he as attentive to me as he used to be?
  Am I less desirable to him than before?
  Is he seeing another woman?
  Why can’t I get him to open up about his feelings and get him to “just talk” to me?
  Why isn’t he as thoughtful and romantic as I’d like him to be?
  How can I rekindle the passion in our marriage?
Why does he seem indifferent and uncaring when I tell him about my problems?
Why doesn’t he want to listen when I share my feelings with him?

  Will our marriage last?

Is there any hope? The good news is: Yes, there is much hope. If your husband has not progressed to the point of having an affair, you can turn things around by meeting some of his basic needs. (Even if he did have an affair, you can use the principles we are talking about, but you will have other things to work through also.) So, yes, there are many reasons to have hope.Whether he outwardly admits it or not, he secretly wants you to gain access to his heart. He wants to share his dreams. He wants you to discover his needs, desires,  and even his secret fears. However, he wants you to discover this without him telling you. 

Does that seem fair? It is like the old saying, “Well, if you don’t know what is wrong, I’m not going to tell you.” Men often attribute such statements as these to their wives, but, in this case, in effect the husband is doing the same thing.

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What is the answer? You can be very attentive and perhaps learn how to read between the lines, but there is a quicker way. You can get much of the information you need from someone who has made a study of learning how to solve problems just like yours.
When you learn how to use this power properly, your husband can’t help but

  • fall hopelessly in love with you and want to marry you all over again; 
  • become increasingly more attentive to you, and want to do everything he can to please you and make you happy;
  • want to listen to you when you “just want to talk”;
  • become as romantic and passionate as you’d like him to be;
  • be emotionally dependent on you — and less likely to seek the attention of another woman; and
  • want to become a better husband and a better man because of you.

 So, you see, It really is possible to restore the passion and excitement in your marriage–even if your husband doesn’t want to have sex with you anymore. 

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