How to Get Your Husband to Love You Again

Why You Need to Figure Out How to Get Your Husband to Love You Again

Girl Pondering Her Situation

Wondering How to Get Your Husband To Love You Again?

Since you are reading this, you probably already know why you need to figure out whether or not your husband loves you anymore. Or, it may be that you had a friend who is in need of this information.
Sometimes wives get the impression that single women think that they (married women) really have it made. While there are many advantages that married women have, their road is not necessarily an easy one.
The simple fact is that marriage starts in an idealistic state, but after a while, things change. Then begins the wonderful adventure of learning how to make adjustments in your marriage. Sometimes, though, we have no clue how to make those adjustments. That’s when trouble sets in.
If you do not have enough successes at making your adjustments, you may begin to question whether or not your husband really loves you. As time progresses, you may not only question whether he loves you, but you may also feel that he is starting to slip away from you.
That is when you begin to try things that will rekindle your husband’s love toward you. Then you become frustrated, because it seems like what you try does not work.

Things That Will Not Rekindle His Love

You really want to restore your marriage, but if you are not careful, some of the things you try may actually make the situation worse.
Things That Will Not Rekindle His Love

Things That Will Not Rekindle His Love

Here are three things that will not work:
1. Coercing Him to Talk about His Feelings
Yes, you need to know what he is feeling, but trying to force him to talk puts him under pressure. If you are not careful, he will just feel like you are nagging him. That feeling will drive him farther away. There are ways to get him to talk about his feelings, but some other things will have to be done first.
2. Comparing Him to Other Men
Trying to chide your husband into changing by comparing him with your friends’ husbands will have a devastating effect on him and upon your marriage. You see, one of a husband’s greatest fears is that of measuring up. Then, when you compare him to other men, he does feel like he has failed.
3. Assuming That He Knows What You Are Thinking
Your husband does not know any more about what you are thinking than you know about what he is thinking. In fact, men and women think quite differently. I don’t mean that they just have different opinions, I mean, that research has shown that their processes of thinking is different. Once you understand a little more about how men and women think differently, you can improve your process of communication. However, don’t assume that he knows what you are thinking.

May I Introduce You to Someone Who Might Be Able to Help?

Bob Grant is someone who has years of experience of helping wives who are in in just these situations. He provides a
What Husbands Can't Resist

How to Get Your Husband to Love You Again

great resource called, What Husbands Can’t Resist. One of the advantages that Bob has is that he is writing from a man’s point of view; therefore, he has insights into how men think and feel. Aside from his own personal experience, he has also done many years of research on this subject.
When you read What Husbands Can’t Resist, you will gain insights into how husbands think. This will help you greatly.
Mr. Grant will let you in on a little secret. That secret is probably something you suspect, but you may not know how really important it is to your husband. That secret is that your husband needs to feel respected. When your husband feels that you respect and admire him, he will open up to you more. He will once again become interested in what you think. This actually increases his desire toward you. That is just one of many tips that can restore joy to a marriage.
Can Mr. Grant help you? I really don’t know. That depends upon a lot of things. Even if you get his information, you will have to act upon that information. However, he might be able to help you, because he has helped many, many people. It is certainly worth taking a look at what he has to offer
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