Money Matters

Money Matters – Could You Be Spending Your Way to a Breakup?                                             

The biggest threat to marriages all around the world isn’t what people would normally guess. It isn’t the fault of infidelity, despite how many people admit to cheating on their spouse. It isn’t stress, despite the high-demand environments we find ourselves in. Instead, the number one cause of break-ups is arguments over money. If financial problems and spending too much money is an issue in your marriage, then it’s time to make some changes or risk losing the one you love.

Do You Have Arguments over Your Spending?

There are more than enough topics for couples to argue over today, and there’s no need to add a gasoline to the fire with financial problems. Unfortunately, disputes about money and the need for financial stability in the family can be some of the heaviest arguments had between married couples. Before you call it quits and consult your lawyer about drawing up the divorce papers, however, try a few simple strategies for absolving the debt in your lives. It can be a long, difficult road to get back on track, but it beats filing for divorce.

1)                  Focus on a Solution to Your Spending Dilemma.

Begin the process by listening to each other and applying some of your own ideas. It’s never a good idea to try going about these types of changes while dealing with frustration and anger towards your spouse. Resolve that you will be willing to listen and always seek the peace. You’re in this together, so act like it.

2)                  Create a Family Budget.

Regardless of the size of your family, implementing a house-wide budget to monitor the inflow and outflow of money will be a great first tangible step. The idea is to “budget” for the amount of money needed to pay the bills and take care of all necessary expenses…while also marking in a little for extra spending money. It’s important that purchases are kept small and manageable. Cut down on the use of credit cards, and avoid impulse buying. Consult for some great resources that will help you in these areas.

3)                  Keep Separate Accounts.

It’s a good idea in a marriage to keep two accounts: one for “necessary expenses” and one for leisure spending. After consulting your monthly budget, dedicate a certain percentage of the intake to begin filling the “expenses” account. Then, set aside a smaller percentage to flow into your “extra spending” account. This will help you become even more diligent in keeping the two separate, and it will allow you the freedom to adjust whenever necessary.

4)                  Get Help if Spending is Becoming too Big to Handle on Your Own.

Sometimes, spending issues are a small manifestation of a much larger problem. If you feel like you or your spouse struggle with major compulsory spending problems, or even a shopping addiction, then it’s time to consult professional help. Don’t be ashamed to take the steps necessary to re-establishing you in a healthy pattern of spending.

As we have covered, spending can be a troublesome issue in a marriage…especially if it is not attended to. You will never be able to resolve those spending issues unless they are acknowledged as the problems they are and dealt with accordingly. Once you are on your way to financial freedom, immediate positive changes will soon be seen and felt.

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