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Are You Ready to Maximize the Lives of those who will be attending your next speaking event?

Here’s how to book Randy:

1. Choose a program as described on this website. (To get an idea of what one of the marriage events is like, click here.)

2. Fill out the booking request form below.

3. We call and/or email you and work out the details.

4. You have a wonderful event that people keep talking about.

5. You get the credit and look like a genius for bringing Randy in.

4 Responses to “Request Randy”

  1. barbara says:

    MVP Seminars LLC

    Hi Dr. Randy

    Re: Corporate, Association, Speaking, & Training

    Topics of Interest: …. Career, Change, Organizational Conflict Issues

    We are a large seminar training company, located in Berkeley Calif. We differ from traditional speakers bureaus primarily by having speakers/trainers who have solid topic backgrounds, specializing in traditional business & personal development issues. Your top-notch doctorate / people skills & speaking backgrounds are quite impressive.
    Our primary market is corporate, which is unusual for a large directory.We do not depend on meeting planners, etc., who generally grind down your fees, & are difficult to work with.
    It is essentially our job to get you front & center in large Assoc. meetings. & corporate USA. This obviously allows you to make more money, devote more time to the craft of speaking, & promote your other business areas.
    Please review for additional topics, speaker info, business model, etc. If you would like more info, just contact us.

    (Speakers/Trainers fees range: $3,000 – $12,000 day, plus all expenses)
    Speakers/ Trainers & Coaches set own fees

    Thank You, Barbara
    Phone: 510-558-3495
    Go Bears !!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Barbara,

    I will check out your information.

    Sorry to say, though, I am a little closer to the Rams. Ha!

  3. barbara says:

    Hi Dr. Randy,

    If you need additional training/speaking business in 2012, I do believe with your background & ed. you would be a big success, with MVP.
    Let me know if you need additional info.

    Best, Barbara
    MVP …
    Phone: 510-558-3495
    Go Bears ! Beat Arizona State !

    Yes, The Ram’s could you a motivational presentation from you !!

  4. Dr. Ron says:

    Hi Dr. Randy,

    I noticed you are taking advantage of MVP promotions, without being a member.
    Give us a call to officially join our group, & gain top-notch marketing.

    Our Best, Lizzy
    Phone: 760-656-8043

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