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James Malinchak Holding Randy's Bppl

ABC's Secret Millionaire, James Malinchak, Supports Randy's Message

Noted TV Personality and Professional Speaker

James Malinchak

“The information on personality and how men and women think in The LOVING Way to a Successful Marriage: Six Keys to Marital Bliss is worth the investment in this book many times over.
–James Malinchak
…..Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”
.……….Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com
. Click Here for Pictures of a Marriage Event
Elementary and High-School Students
I enjoyed the part about dating. It is important to love and respect your spouse.”
–T. B.

“I was greatly blessed, and I appreciate all that was said. I know that it will help me greatly through all that life throws my way.”
–J. B.
“Dr. Carney, I loved it when you talked about camping and dating. That was hilarious!”
“Your entire speech was a blessing.”
“Thank you, sir, for your coming here today. I have been blessed by all of what said, and I am really am grateful for you and you have replanted the seed of God in me, and I am trusting and hoping that it will grow in not only my life, but in my family also.
–L. S.

“You are a good preacher, I wish you could come every day, not [just] because of [getting out} of homework! You are the best preacher. You are so good you should be on TV. I will pray for you. Thank You!”
–Beka, (an elementary school student in a Christian school–Emphasis mine 🙂 )
“Dear Dr. Carney, I thank you so much for your lesson. I hope it helps me in my life. I also hope it helps me in dating and to make the right choices in my marriage.”
–N. H.

“Thank you for coming. It was great having you here, and thank you for all the advice you gave us.”
–P. R.
“Two Dates or Less–I enjoyed it and plan on using it in the future. P.S. I plan on using the water trick in the tent if I need to.”
–J. B.
“I enjoyed his message. I thank God for it.”
–J. B.

“I loved listening to you. You were a blessing to me.”
–O. S.
“I really enjoyed your teaching. It was such a blessing having you come to my school. Thank you.”
–F. B.
“I enjoyed you coming today. You were a blessing. I will pray for you and your family.”
–R. W.
“I’m glad you came today. I was blessed when you prayed with us.”
After Some Church Presentations
[He gave] a physical description about husband and wife that describes our relationship we should have with Christ. Good. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.”
(Unsigned note 9/13/2009)
“[Dr.] Carney’s message are clear and concise and easily understood.”
(Unsigned note after church presentation)
“[He gave] a God-centered message with emphasis on trusting God and the need for salvation.”
–Bob Branca
“Thank God for Brother Randy and the message he brings.”
–DeShona Loyd, domestic engineer and Elementary school helper

More Comments from Adults

“Dr. Randall Carney has been such a blessing throughout the years. From our first meeting, he has been there for us and especially teaching our son through college. Because of him, our son has a tremendous gift of music, and he is using it for the Glory of God.”
–Mrs. Dixie Brown, school teacher and supervisor, Willisville, IL
“Thank you for enlightenment and help with marriage.”
–Steve and Jennifer Kosco
“Dr. Carney’s teaching was enlightening and inspiring. He makes spiritual truths very personable. I see Jesus in him.”
–Jon Brown, principal, Faith Christian School
“Even though I’m single, I appreciated the message. It gave me info. on things/attributes to look for and expect should the Lord send me a Christian spouse in the future.”
–Lisa Jones
“This was a good program! I loved the scale for the 10 items important in a marriage. I am excited to meet the needs with my husband. Thanks for showing us a great relationship!
–Renee Anderson
“I like how easy and relaxed the session was and no pressures.”
(Wrote the note with permission to quote, but failed to give signature)
“Men’s Breakout was excellent. Questions and discussion in Breakout sessions could be interesting.”
–Mike Meece
“This was one of the most interesting classes (Sifting Sensibly: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Biblical Faith) I have ever taken. Thank you for putting much thought into living the Christian life daily.”
–Melissa Tangedal
“Dr. Randy Carney was a friend of my parents while I was growing up. I remember fun sleepovers at his house with his daughters when I was young. He wrote this article. It is great. I think this applies beautifully for marriage, too! You know your stuff, Dr. Carney!” (Comment on Facebook after seeing an article at StreetArticles.com)
–Amy Bowman

Some Longer Testimonials

First, a Testimony of Transformation of Marriage:

“Dr. Randy.
“There are some other people who force themselves or get invited by others into certain ministries and their performances are like a round peg in a square hole.Your ministry leaves no room for doubt that its GOD himself ;the author of marriage who inspires your teachings and Gospel ministry.
“I tell you, its unbeliveable to narrate how the six keys to a marital bliss has transformed my marriage which was in a terrible messy.I had reached a point of ” blaming” God for initiating marriage. I got married at the age of 35 in 2006.I delayed because I dreaded man/marriage like a lion because I experianced the peril of marriage through the violence and abuse my mother and my 3 late sisters suffered in the hands of unloving husbands.Its unfortunate that my late sisters and their husbands did not have a chance to learn from your teachings,they could have saved their marriages and lives.
“Marriage is not a bed of roses, without proper counselling it is petrol poured on burning fire-it kills!
The acronomy LOVING has brought love in my home.God blessed us with a sweet baby boy in 2008 but there was no peace in my marriage. My husband was not working.Since I was the bread winner of the family he thought I was underrating him.He decided to spend more time with his friend or son, ignoring me.
“Each time I tried to talk to him it was just a one word answer.He was under stress such that he became very harsh and gets angry and moody all the time.
“He could not Leave his friend,books or computer to have Intimacy with me.When a problem rises in the family / he could not help even with ideas, I had to Overcome all challenges alone. I was just as good as a widow with a husband.He stopped loving me because i was valueless to him.I became an oponent and a challenger to his life.
I had nobody to share my needs with.I became very lonely but sharing a bed with him.We could not even touch each other till I received the 1st, 2nd,3r & 4th key from you.I strived all the time to give him my love, money even new clothes but he never appreciated my giving.His attitude suggested I was showing off to him.
“I went through untold suffering and rejection.
“Praise God for all the six well knitted keys.When I applied them prayefully in my marriage God visited us.I printed each key you sent me and read it with my husband several times whilst waiting anxiously for the next key to come.We could even make some wild guesses for the next coming key but we both failed except the last key of Giving, I won it but with different explanations from yours.I filed all the printed papers with their orders of key numbers.
“My husband used to quote Ephesians 5:22 wrongly. He just wanted me to submit to any form of abuse he exposed me to,especially verbal abuse and neglegiance as long as he was the head of our marriage.He never bothered to fulfil what verse 25 says about husbands. When we read together about Valueing each other we understood clearly what love and submission to each other means. When there is no value a husband puts in his wife , automatically there is no love.When a wife does not value her husband how can she submit to a worthless man? ( Value has no value if the value is not valued) said a prominent writer.
‘Of all the six keys we, rated the 3rd key as the anchor of every marriage. Once a spouse breaks the key of valueing his/her partner then all other five keys will never lock the door of marriage. Any minor problem that hits a marriage without the 3rd key will cause the marriage to disintergrate easily.
“This year, my husband got a job, though he gets less money than what i get, we now put our money together, and overcome all our financial challenges as one.
“We now have intimacy friendship such that we go out for dinner together,visiting our in-laws together.We are communicating several times over the phone when at work.At home we chat like we used to do during our courtship.
I tell you God has used you to save our marriage and saving us from hurting each other.( Gal 5:15)
“What made my husband to accept your teachings, are the scriptures you quoted.He does not take any teaching which is not biblicaly based,
“We are both christians and leaders in our church.I have no problem if you publish my testmony ( Gal 6:6).I have run short of suitable adjectives to describe exactly how sweet my marriage is now because of the six keys. Even at work i shared these keys with my workmates and they enjoyed them.
‘I am Mrs Constance Mukome from Zimbabwe in Africa. My home town is Mutare.I am an Accounts clerk.
‘You are a real blessing to my family. God will reward you for the great work you are doing.
‘Keep it up!”

Second, Here Is a Recommendation from a Pastor:


Pastor John Robinson's Recommendation


Testimonial to College Coaching Program

Jon and Jenny Brown

Jon and Jenny Brown

“Dr. Carney’s care, personal example, and motivation inspired me to complete my college degrees and to pursue my dream of becoming a school principal. He served as a mentor in the early years of my ministry. Not only did he help me obtain my college degrees, he gave me valuable lessons in life as well.
“Outside of my salvation experience and decision to marry my wife of nearly 16 years, the greatest choice I ever made was to partner with Dr. Carney for my college education. He deserves so much credit for the husband, father and teacher that I have become.
“Dr. Randy Carney and I spent several years together as he helped me obtain both a bachelor’s degree and even a master’s degree. During that time, we developed a close, almost familial relationship. If you have the chance, work with him. This investment in your life will pay itself back many times over.”
–Mr. Jonathan D. Brown,
……Principal of Faith Christian School

“Another Well-Known Personality

Dr. James Flanaga, Presidnt, Luther Rice Seminary and University

Dr. James Flanagan, President, Luther Rice Seminary and University

“Dr. Randy Carney and I have had the privilege to grow up in the same community, attend the same church, and to be called into the gospel ministry. Randy has spiritual discernment and a gift of encouragement. Dr. Carney’s suggestions for balance across six critical areas of relationships will benefit any marriage. When applied by both husband and wife, they can very well indeed be ‘six keys for marital bliss!'”
–Dr. James Flanagan, President
……Luther Rice Seminary and University

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